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Joe & the Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs…is there a little boy in the world who hasn’t at some point had a fascination with these prehistoric beasts. Joe was more than happy to let them stomp around the garden, eat the tree’s, build a nest, run from the T’Rex’s and hide in every nook and cranny he could find! That provided him with plenty of distraction from me pointing the camera and let Mum relax behind while we explored together…getting some beautiful photographs that will transport her back to this brief moment in his life when his imagination is wild and fierce, expressions natural and uncaring of the lens glaring at him and more importantly so super squishy and gorgeous!

Child photography is my passion, and finding a way that brings each child out of their "new person shyness" is, I believe, the most important part of my job, because if I can't do that, then the photographs will show it, and more importantly won't show the true character of the child being photographed.

Living in Devon we're surrounded by gorgeous countryside, so finding inspiration for this is easy, children usually find something to play with or to submerge their imaginations into. Knowing Joe is currently going through the "Dinosaurs are everything" phase, we used this to our advantage and partnered with this gorgeous Devon garden, Joe relaxed and tada the photography happened!

If you'd like photographs to treasure for lifetime, far past when they're squishy and cute, then get in touch via my contact page, After all...they're only little once!

Have a quick look around my website while you're there, and see the other magical moments I've captured for parents just like you.

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