My little angels won't behave on the day

Firstly... I don't photograph actual angels, I photograph children, and I can guarantee whatever you think your child will do has been done before (probably by my own - our current battle is sporadic nudism!).  Tantrums happen, snacks are provided, tantrums pass.  I also make sure we book the session at a time when your family is at their best, my own children definitely 'perform' their best after breakfast before snacks!

They won't smile when they're supposed to

Most children smile when they're happy, so your family session will be planned with you to make sure we do something they'll enjoy.  Bubbles, flowers, animals, collecting shells, playing pooh sticks ... my list in endless!   Also my favourite images of my children are actually ones with their individual expressions...they tell a bigger story and trigger more memories.  

We don't have any idea what to wear

Not a problem, I will send you a digital leaflet giving you ideas of what sort of clothes and colour combinations work well, and with children, making sure they're comfortable is top priority to make sure they can have as much fun as possible.  Letting them wear something they wouldn't normally is usually a treat and brings extra excitement, my job is to make artistic portraits out of whatever happens in front of my lens, so let me worry about that!

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