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Baby home or a studio?

Parker, Parker, Parker, what a sweetie! I've photographed quite a few newborn babies, and each shoot tends to present new challenges. I've never had a studio, and to be honest it wasn't something I ever yearned for. I quite liked the relaxed nature of photographing babies wihtin their own homes, it means I can photograph all of their new treasures & bedrooms, the changes of clothes and anything else they require is on hand.

That said it does also present some photographic challenges; space, light, even plug socket availability. If I take backdrops and lights, these all have to be transported and set up. Backdrops dont carry well, they end up creased and every little bump shows on camera when photographing such a tiny model. There's also the health and safety aspect, if lights are put up, they need to be weighted, and immediately they present a trip hazard.

Fortunately when we moved last year we bought somewhere with a garage large enough to convert into a studio, so after much deliberation and heated discussions (read blazing rows!), we have agreed on the space that will be transformed, on a tiny budget, to a studio where my backdrops can hang unwrinkled and that can store many a blanket, beanbag and tasteful prop.

I will still offer home photoshoots, I myself prefer lifestyle photography, but having the ability to photograph clients in a purposefully made space with everything photographic to hand will be a dream come true, and in Devon, you definately need a indoor option, when the sun's out its lovely, but when it's raining, it's really raining, and no matter how 'outdoorsy' you are, this isnt conjusive to happy children portraits.

However, I hope you'll agree that despite the challenges, Parker's photoshoot couldn't have gone better - Mum Clair even said he'd never slept so soundly in one hit. I did have the challenge of convincing Clair and Lou to be in a couple of photos... I won't share them but I'm sure they'll be treasured by Parker at some point in his future, for now though you can have a peak at their hands and those gorgeous little feet.

If you'd like to discuss a newborn photoshoot then please do get in touch via my 'Get in Touch' page.

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