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about Maria
Family Child Photography Devon Cornwall

Hello there, I’m Maria, and the idea of this page is to let you know a bit about me, and my photography, after all, you are probably thinking about asking me to take very personal photographs of your loved ones and maybe even yourself, so it is only fair for you to know a little bit about the face behind the lens. Also make sure you have a look at my 'Frequent Concerns' page if you're having the normal worries about booking a session for your family or children.


My family are my world, as I'm sure yours are.  My world consists of my husband, Martin, my three babies Sofia, Seb and Saxon and my non-human babies, Mac & Bear (crazy spaniels) and Arnie the anti-social cat.  When I'm not running round after my brood or photographing other peoples' broods I like to garden, eat cake and drink tea...lots of tea!

I love photography because it is, in my eyes, the most easiest job to get out of bed for! There are no bad days when photographing families, children and babies; the thought of all of these literally make me want to spring from my seat as I write this. Capturing people with their loved ones is such a privilege, it allows me to be creative and give people something they will treasure forever.  Doing all of this in the beautiful setting that is Devon and Cornwall is a dream come true.


The hubby x

My mischief, Sofia x

My rebel, Sebbe x

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

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