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"...and so the adventure begins"

 "We were so nervous, but Maria made us all feel at ease and the photos were fantastic, they were so good we used Maria again with our second baby, we would highly recommend."  

Laura, Mum of Evelyn & Elizabeth

Who doesn't want photographs of their little ones when they're so precious and new.  My aim is to create images that remind you of the fleeting moment that is your newborn baby, photographing their funny expressions when they yawn or their content 'milk coma' faces after they feed.  I want these photos to remind you of your baby.


Babies being babies mean that these shoots tend to take a bit longer as I need to work around your little one, if they need to sleep, then so be it, if they need to feed, then feed, and if we have to change them ten times because they can't keep the feed down then I will help pass the baby wipes!  I would usually recommend doing this at your home, so as you are relaxed and have everything a newborn needs close to hand, that said if you have something different in mind then please contact me and I'd be happy to discuss that with you.

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