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Beauty and Professional Head Shots, a match made in Photography Heaven!

I was asked very recently to photograph a beauty studio and provide imagery depicting a wide range

of beauty treatments. Anyone that knows me, will say that I am not the most knowledgable in beauty products and treatments, so I was a little nervous at first, but quickly gave myself a little pep talk, if I can photograph toddlers I can definitely photograph a nice still beauty model!

Cathy, of Beauty by Cathy, was a natural in front of the camera, and between us we styled the shoot, using the most of the natural light with back up from my mobile lights. The studio is light and airy, and Cathy has an eye for interiors, with beautifully upcyled furniture partnered with flamboyant lilies and Laura Ashley linens...a dream to photograph!

By the end of the session I was left feeling a little bit disappointed that I hadn't booked in for a treatment, even more so after editing the images, and seeing the results of Cathy's threading and polishes up close on screen.

Cathy's new venture is Beauty Tuition, so the photographs were to support this and for her to use on her website, and also to get a business head shot.

Head shots are something that a lot of self-employed people tend to over look, but having a professional image of yourself to use on your website, Facebook business page, Twitter account, Pinterest profile, is something not to be overlooked.

If two businesses are put side by side, similar in product and price, but one with a professional imagery of the business owner and their products, we are far more likely to choose that company over another. It shows investment, commitment to their business, and its an oppurtunity to show off all the hard work it takes to start such a venture. In Cathy's case, her studio, product line, and even her uniform, this has all taken time and says a lot about her business.

This can be applied to any business, from accountancy to sports coaching, professional imagery will make your business stand out against other companies.

Thankyou to Cathy, from Beauty by Cathy, and good luck in your new tutoring business venture.

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